Greetings all,

The next UIDUG meeting will be this Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 3:00PM in UCC-2390 (Exec Boardroom).  Note the change of venue, as the seminar room was previously booked.

The agenda is below, but one item you can be looking at now is the “DrupalCon Sessions”.  I have posted a topic in the forum covering this, but will repeat it verbatim here for wider distribution.


“As DrupalCon Denver 2012 comes closer, I am looking to form a repository of what sessions people plan on attending so that we have good 'coverage' of session topics. The easiest way I see to do this is for people to use the 'My Schedule' tool on the site to compile their interests and then post the link to their schedule in this thread.
As an example, here is my session list:
Feel free to ask me questions if you have trouble doing this. I will be doing a demo of this at the March 1 UIDUG meeting.”
Please let me know of any questions or concerns, otherwise I hope to see you Thursday!


  • Welcome & Whats New
    • DrupalCon Sessions
  • Site Showoff: Obermann Center [] - Adam Delaney, ITS
  • Admin Menu vs Default Toolbar in D7  - Hans Hoerschelman, IMFO
  • Drupal Deployment Strategy - Erin Corson, ITS

Administration Menu VS Default Toolbar.docx