A calendar reminder is attached.

Here are the topics for the December meeting:

  1. Announcements :: 10-15 min
  2. Site Showoff:  College of Law Site, Bob Ramsey – Law :: 10-15 min
  3. Topic 1: BuildAModule.com trial & UI site license discussion :: 20-30 min
    • Walkthrough of site: Hans Hoerschelman, IMFO
    • Free Access to everybody Dec 13-15: Just go to this page sometime during that time
      NOTE: As of 12/13 there are issues with receiving the password email from BuildAModule.com at uiowa.edu addresses. To be sure to receive the email, please use a non-UI email address.
    • Discussion about possible UI Sitewide license: Everybody
      • Need to get interest #s for pricing
      • Need to find funding source(s)
  4. Topic 2: Git Overview, Brandon Neil, ITS :: 20-30 min
With all the topics, please plan on a 90 minute meeting (3-4:30PM).