The next University of Iowa (and friends) Drupal User Group meeting is Tuesday, September 30 from 11am-noon in UCC 2520D. The meetings are open and you do not need to be a University of Iowa student or employee to attend. The topics are below and a calendar item is attached to this post.

There is an opening on the UIDUG Steering Committee. Please fill out the form with your nominations by September 30th, 2014 at 12pm, the end of the UIDUG meeting.

Meeting topics

  • Integrating Localist on Drupal sites - Rick Porter, Genevieve Johnson (15 min)
    This summer the University of Iowa started using Localist (an event promotion system) to power the University's main events site, Rick and Genevieve will share (at least!) 3 different ways to display events from (and Localist in general) on your Drupal sites.
  • Something cool in D8 - Brandon Neil (15 min)
  • Nominations for Steering Committee Discussion (5 min) - Genevieve Johnson
    Submit nominations at
  • Q&A/Get help with a Drupal problem (25 min)

Please email Genevieve Johnson ( with any questions.