The UI Drupal Users Group is a means for the UI community to discuss and network around all things Drupal.


     The general audience/membership of the UIDUG is University faculty, staff and students. However, this does not exclude members of the general public.


  1. Size of the committee shall be 5 persons, expandable to 6 for a Student Representative
  2. Term length on committee shall be 1 year following with the calendar year (JAN-DEC)
  3. Must be using Drupal in some fashion
  4. Officers
    1. Chair and Vice Chair
      1. Run steering committee meetings, create agenda, point of contact
      2. Vice chair is chair backup for #1
  5. Steering committee duties include
    1. Setting meeting date and time
    2. planning/organizing meeting agenda
    3. securing speakers for meetings
    4. notification of meetings and topics to membership via website and listserv
    5. maintenance of website content
    6. maintenance of listserv membership
    7. point of contact regarding UIDUG activities
    8. promote UIDUG as a resource to the University and Community
    1. Elections for steering committee members will be held yearly in OCTOBER
    2. Voting will take place (electronically on, in person at October meeting?)
    3. Election winners will be invited to NOV/DEC Steering meetings to familiarize
    4. New committee members terms begin JAN following election
    5. Officers will be decided at JAN meeting by simple vote of committee members
    1. In the event a steering committee member vacates their position, the steering committee shall consider nominations collected from the UIDUG community, as well as from the steering committee itself. A simple vote of the Steering Committee on each nomination shall be completed in rounds until a single candidate has been agreed upon. 
    2. In the event the chair of the committee vacates, the vice chair shall assume the chair and the vice chair be considered vacant.
    3. In the event the vice chair is vacated, nominations for vice chair shall be made by sitting committee members.  A simple vote of the Steering Committee on each nomination shall be completed in rounds until a single candidate has been agreed upon.
    4. In the rare event that ALL committee positions are vacated, a special election will be called.  UIDUG membership must choose an individual to act as election auditor to prepare and tally the election.

IV. Departmental Sponsorship

     In the cases when an MFK is required, the College of Engineering is our present sponsoring department. The sponsoring department can be changed by a simple majority vote of the Steering Committee